Storm Arwen: Scarborough and Whitby emergency services warn of ‘danger to life’

Storm Arwen is expected to bring stormy weather to Scarborough and Whitby this weekend.

Bad weather is expected to bring wings up to 75 mph across much of the northeast and is expected to cause widespread disturbance.

The Met Office issued an orange weather warning in Scarborough and Whitby for the 3pm wind this afternoon until 9am on Saturday November 27.

Dan Suri, the Met Office’s senior meteorologist, said: “Storm Arwen is associated with a deep low pressure system that will affect the northeast in particular from Friday.

A previous rainy and windy day in Scarborough.

“The impacts of Storm Arwen are mostly associated with high winds as the storm pushes south and will largely bring gusts of up to 65 mph in coastal areas, although slightly stronger in the northeast. , with over 75 mph possible in exposed areas. “

Scarborough RNLI said residents should be “especially careful on the waterfront this weekend” and expect Marine Drive to be closed due to stormy weather.

Staithes and Runswick RNLI have warned that extreme weather conditions will create very large waves of up to 30 feet when combined with swells.

The Scarborough and Burniston Coast Guard Rescue Team said residents should observe all closures and coastal paths and roads could become “dangerous” and should be avoided.

What to do if the roads are blocked

North Yorkshire Police said those caught in stormy weather should be on the lookout for falling debris and check for road closures or updates before traveling.

Officers said to avoid the dikes and call 999 and ask the Coast Guard if you see anyone in trouble in the water, or the fire department if you are inland.

If you come across a fallen debris tree, North Yorkshire Police have said not to attempt to remove it yourself, and if the obstruction presents an immediate danger on a busy road, call 999, otherwise call North Yorkshire County Council and ask for the motorway service.

The North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has recommended securing garden furniture and play equipment, including trampolines, as they are often blown away and can damage properties.

What is an amber warning?

Storm Arwen carries the risk of travel disruption, power outages and potential damage, especially in the Amber Zone and near coasts, where large waves could see material being thrown onto coastal roads, waterfronts and Properties.

• Flying debris is likely and could result in personal injury or death.

• Probable damage to trees, temporary structures and buildings, such as blown roof tiles.

• Longer journey times and likely cancellations, as road, rail, air and ferry services may be affected.

• Some roads and bridges may close.

• There is a good chance that power outages will occur, with the potential to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage.

• Injury and danger to life are likely due to large waves and beach material thrown onto coastal roads, waterfronts and properties.

A rare red warning was issued for areas further north.

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