Tech sent to fix fired vandalized police cameras, locals say


New details are emerging around a controversial plan to build a training center for first responders in DeKalb County. Someone opened fire on a worker sent to repair CCTV cameras in the community near the so-called “Cop City”.

It happened Monday afternoon on Key Road and Woodham Way.

FOX 5 reported vandals destroying cameras in the neighborhood. The neighbors believe that this is linked to the controversy over the training center project.

Marc Bolden is the president of the Boulder Walk Owners Association. He said a technician from Flock Safety came to his community to fix the cameras.

“When the technician was out, they were greeted with gunfire,” Bolden said. “The shots were fired from inside the fence, at one o’clock in the afternoon, I believe, in broad daylight.”

Video posted on FOX 5 showed vandals knocking down surveillance cameras and spray-painting vulgarities on homeowners’ property in that neighborhood. It sits right next to the planned training center for Atlanta police and first responders that some call “Cop City.”

The Atlanta Police Foundation plans to build the training facility on 85 acres along Key Road. They would keep the remaining 265 acres as green space. However, many naysayers emerged who protested against the site. They see it as the expansion of the police state. They think he threatens the forest of Atlanta.

The gate in front of the future home of the so-called “Cop City” in DeKalb County. (FOX 5)

DeKalb County police confirm they found shell casings in the area. It is unclear whether the shootings are linked to the ongoing protests.

Landlords like Marcus Hunter can’t believe what’s going on in his neighborhood.

“Now that’s the focus. Now the violence is the focus. Now the vandalism is the focus,” Hunter said. “With the shots being fired at the technician, I think that takes it to a new level.”

Flock, the company that installed the cameras, would not comment on the latest incident.

DeKalb County police say no one was injured and no property was damaged.

The HOA said it was asking police to step up patrols.


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