The City of Clovis and Habitat for Humanity Open a Home for Veterans


The Munoz family stand in front of their new home next to a sign honoring Gerard Lozano, a member of the Fresno Association of Realtors, who helped the Munoz family immensely through this process (Photo JT Gomez, Clovis Roundup )

On a hot, sunny Friday afternoon in February, more than fifty people showed up to show their support for a Clovis family.

On this day, a forever home was granted to the Munoz family: David, Daniella Munoz and their lovely baby boy Mateo.

Acting CEO of Habitat for Humanity for the Greater Fresno area, Ashley Hedemann thanked a few members and associations for their help and support with this newly constructed home, including council member Vong Mouanoutoua, who showed his support for Munoz family.

During the inauguration of the house, Councilor Mouanotoua announced to the Munoz family: “We are committed to protecting you, we are committed to keeping your water running, your lights on and having beautiful sidewalks. We are happy to have you here; I think your child will also benefit from living here in Clovis and going to Clovis schools. Mouanotoua then thanked the family for their veteran service.

The Fresno Association of Realtors and Habitat For Humanity have had a longstanding relationship over the years, and according to Acting CEO Ashley Hedemann, their partnership is founded on the principle that “families can build strength, stability and self-reliance through affordable homeownership opportunities.

The association helps with financing, the search for volunteers, and even with the construction and the framework of the house with which everyone was gathered in front.

The Fresno Association of Realtors and ABC media outlet 30 worked together to raise $50,000 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gerard Lozano, who passed away in October 2021, was memorialized for his dedicated work as a member of the Fresno Association, and further for his work to have this house specifically completed.

According to Don Scordino, the 2020 President of the Fresno Association of Realtors, Gerard Lozano understood the importance of finding a home for this family. Lozano worked hard to win over the association and meet the home ownership needs of the Munoz family. He was described as a very welcoming person, with a “beautiful smile”, and having meant a lot to the association.

“We promise to take care of this house thanks to everyone who has been involved in building it,” said David Munoz as he stepped onto the podium in front of the crowd. Speaking with David on a more personal level, he clarified: “We are filled with joy, we are so grateful. I mean, we wouldn’t be here today without everyone’s help.

Daniella Munoz summed up, “It was nice to see everyone who helped and supported us to be here on our special day,” when asked about the turnout for the signing. Daniella and David said they have a lot of special plans when thinking about the future of their home, especially for their son Mateo. “We’re excited to be part of the community, we’re excited to be part of Clovis now.”

“Today was an absolutely beautiful day to welcome a family of veterans,” Ashley Hedemann said after the event concluded. Hedemann described the Munoz family as “very hardworking” and very dedicated in everything they do. She also said she wasn’t surprised that David was a veteran. “They went through their sweat equity hours extremely fast!” exclaimed an excited Hedemann. Sweat equity hours are hours that are worked directly by the family themselves, working on their home, a staple of the Habitat for Humanity program. “They were so special to work with and hold a special place in our hearts at Habitat.”

The Habitat For Humanity project plans to work on completing eight new homes in Riverdale in the coming weeks, but hopes to see Clovis again soon. “We will work with the city to see how Habitat can continue to create affordable housing in Clovis.”

The family received a photo album from Habitat for Humanity Construction Manager Rick O’Daniel. This photo album consisted of photographs of the family working on their home during their working hours. A Bible was also given to the family by Keri Bennit and Mariah Walton of Noble Credit Union. Finally, tools, a basket of books, a free year of pest control, a welcome mat and an American flag were all donated to the family, the latter hailing from American Legion Post 38.

The ceremony ended with a handover between all the respective groups who helped make the dream of home ownership a reality for this family. These groups, including Fresno Association of Realtors, the City of Clovis, Bank of America, and Noble Credit Union, all formed an arm’s length line in which the key to the front door was passed from member to member. other. It finally reached the hands of now official owners David and Daniella Munoz, and the house was officially opened.


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