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University of Nevada, Reno Continuity Planning

We recommend that units consider the following in continuity planning.

Mission Critical Functions

What does your unit need to do daily, weekly and monthly to ensure the continuation of the main tasks of the unit? These should be prioritized in the order of the most important that should be restored first. Although we all do a lot of things, there are three to five that are most important and relate directly to the purpose of the unit.


Who do you contact to perform functions in an emergency? If it’s someone associated with the University of Nevada, Reno, their public information such as email address and office phone number is added from Workday. Do you need additional information to be able to reach them after opening hours? External suppliers and contractors can be added easily.

Succession plan

Who will be designated and have authority to be responsible if the person who is usually responsible is not immediately available or cannot perform all the tasks? At least three people should be listed, along with a way to contact them 24/7.

Civil status registers

What information and records does your unit need to operate? Where and how are they stored? Who has access? Is there a backup? This should include all data necessary to perform the list of mission critical functions.


How does your unit plan to contact each other in an emergency? Will you be using email, phone, text? Does everyone know this plan?

Alternative facilities

Is there a location your unit could relocate to perform its mission critical functions? What would this space look like? Do you need 10 computers with Internet access and offices? Could you work from home for two days? Do you need landlines? Other access to specialized software or equipment?

Email the Organizational Resilience Lead at the University of Nevada, Reno to obtain a username and password to access NevadaContinuity to build your continuity plan.


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