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Video: Veterans at Coffee Bunker place, then remove flags in local neighborhoods for Memorial Day

TULSA, Okla. — Every flag has a story, just like every veteran.

Flag and soldier, bound by sacred duty to defend our country and the freedoms we cherish.

Through multiple wars, men and women have come forward, donning the mantle of our flag.

Michael Horton, executive director of Coffee Bunker and a US Air Force veteran, said he was proud to wear the flag on his uniform.

“All of us who are veterans have made a commitment to uphold the Constitution, but it’s always the colors of this flag that inspire us, and it inspires us together as a community to know what our mission is and to know what our hope is,” Horton said.

On Memorial Day, we remember those soldiers who died in battle wearing the stars and stripes.

Brooktowne, along with several other neighborhoods, teamed up with Coffee Bunker veterans to place American flags along their streets on Memorial Day.

Homeowners Association President Philip Monhaut said it was important to remember and honor these fallen American soldiers.

“Our freedom really comes from the people who fought and unfortunately lost their lives. That’s what bought our freedom,” Manhaut said.

At the end of the day, Coffee Bunker veterans lower the flags, removing the last in a ceremony, honoring the flag, as we honor those who served and died for it.

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